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Free Download Apple 9L0-510 Exam Question with PDF & VCE

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Vendor: Apple
Exam Code: 9L0-510
Exam Name: Mac OS X Server Essentials 10.6

You have installed Mac OS X Server v10.6, and are performing its initial configuration. If you select "Create Users and Groups" in the "Users and Groups" pane in Server Assistant, what is the result?
A.    The new server is configured as an Open Directory master.
B.    The new server is configured as an Open Directory replica.
C.    The new server is configured as a allow only directory server.
D.    The new server is bound to an existing directory server on the network.

Answer: A

Latest Apple 9L0-010 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE

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Vendor: Apple
Exam Code: 9L0-010
Exam Name: Mac Service Certification Exam

You are preparing to replace faulty RAM inside a Mac mini (Mid 2010). What should be used to open the bottom cover?

A.    Putty knife
B.    Philips #00 screwdriver
C.    Mac mini (Mid 2010) Logic Board Removal Tool
D.    Your hands, no tools are required for this procedure

Answer: D

Free Pass4sure Apple ACMT 9L0-063 Dumps

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Mac OS X v10.7 Troubleshooting Exam: 9L0-063 Exam

  • 9L0-063 Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: 9L0-063
  • Exam Name: Mac OS X v10.7 Troubleshooting Exam
  • Q & A: 72 Q&As

1. A customer with Snow Leopard finds that her MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009) no longer asks what to do with blank DVD-Rs. Which troubleshooting steps should you try first?
A. Start from the Snow Leopard install DVD, then run System Profiler.
B. Start from an external USB or FireWire hard drive, then test for the issue.
C. Open System Preferences CDs & DVDs pane, then check for incorrect settings.
D. Try a known good blank DVD-R, if the issue persists then replace the SuperDrive.
Answer: C

2. A user drops a file into a folder named “my stuff” and sees this message:
“You can put items into “my stuff”, but you won’t be able to see them. Do you want to continue? Other users with sufficient permissions will be able to use the items.”
This means the folder’s permissions have been set to ________.
A. read only
B. write only
C. read & write
D. execute only
Answer: B

3. From the list below, select the new feature of the Security Pane in Snow Leopard.
A. The ability to use secure virtual memory.
B. The Firewall tab has been moved from Sharing preferences.
C. A setting to require a password to unlock each System Preferences pane.
D. The ability to add a delay to the required password after sleep or screensaver begins.
Answer: D

4. You go on site and find a customer’s Mac Pro is hanging at loading the desktop. His external firewire backup drive is not bootable, and he has misplaced his Snow Leopard Install DVD. The customer has a spare MacBook Pro available, how can you use it to resolve this issue?
A. Restart the Mac Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to the MacBook Pro and open Console.
B. Restart the Mac Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to the MacBook Pro and use the Disk Utility.
C. Restart the Mac Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to the MacBook Pro and open System Profiler.
D. Restart the MacBook Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to the Mac Pro then attempt to boot from it.
Answer: B

5. Your customer would like to create a backup his iMac’s hard drive as a compressed and encrypted disk image to an external hard drive. How can you accomplish this task when started from the Snow Leopard Install DVD?
A. Open Restore from Backup and select the backup to disk image option.
B. Open Disk Utility, select the hard drive, then click the New Image button.
C. Open Disk Utility, select the hard drive, click the Restore tab, then select restore to disk image.
D. Open Image Capture, select the hard drive, select the compressed and encrypted options then click capture.
Answer: B

6. Jill uses her MacBook late at night and occasionally has to restart. Despite having muted the speaker volume the MacBook always boot chimes loudly after restart. What step should you try first to resolve this issue?
A. Reset the SMC.
B. Reset the PRAM.
C. Reinstall Snow Leopard.
D. Repair disk permissions.
Answer: B

7. Scott’s Mac mini is hanging during startup at a blue screen. What built-in startup mode might resolve
this issue?
A. Verbose
B. Safe Boot
C. Single User
D. Target Disk Mode
Answer: B

8. Which statement about FileVault is TRUE?
A. Once a user enables FileVault, it cannot be disabled.
B. FileVault can only be enabled on non-administrator user accounts.
C. There is no way to recover a user’s data from a FileVault-protected account if the login password is lost.
D. When a user enables FileVault, the user’s home directory is transformed into an encrypted disk image bundle.
Answer: D


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Free Pass4sure Apple ACMT 9L0-010 Dumps

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Mac Service Certification Exam: 9L0-010 Exam

  • 9L0-010 Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: 9L0-010
  • Exam Name: Mac Service Certification Exam
viagra cheapli>Q & A: 75 Q&As

1.Which section of any Apple Technician Guide is the BEST place to look for instructions for replacing an internal component?
C.Take Apart
Answer: C

2.The purpose of Apple’s business conduct helpline is to _____.
A.ask technical support questions
B.report damaged service parts to Apple
C.report normal business operational details to Apple
D.raise a potential business conduct or ethics issue as it relates to Apple
Answer: D

3.You must provide your identity when you use Apple’s Business Conduct Helpline.You may not contact the Helpline anonymously.
Answer: B

4.Which of the following is NOT a valid example of the type of information that Apple collects from its customers?
A.Credit card information.
B.Discussion blog postings mentioning Apple.
C.Apple product serial number and date of purchase.
D.Name, mailing address, phone number, email address.
Answer: B

5.Which THREE of the following components should you be very careful with, when working inside an Apple portable? SELECT THREE
A.Plastic tab
B.Small screw
C.Ribbon cable
D.Deflection coil
E.Anode aperture
F.Flyback transformer
Answer: ABC

6.What component of a Mac mini (Early 2009) logic board requires use of an anti-static foam support to avoid damage?
A.EMI clips
B.Video card
C.Large heat sink
D.Battery connector
Answer: A

7.You are troubleshooting an iMac (Early 2008) that does not power on.You notice that all diagnostic LEDs remain off when a known-good power cord is connected to the iMac and to a known-good power outlet.What is most likely the cause of these symptoms?
A.Faulty power supply
B.Faulty optical drive
C.Faulty LCD panel
D.Faulty video card
Answer: A

8.What step is required before upgrading the RAM in a Mac Pro (Early 2009)?
A.Remove the processor tray.
B.Remove the hard drive carriers.
C.Remove the front inlet fan assembly.
D.Remove the Optical Drive and Carrier.
Answer: A

9.The Mac Pro (Early 2009) has SMC functionality split between a primary SMC on the backplane board, and a secondary SMC on the processor board.What service issue should a technician be aware of when servicing the Mac Pro (Early 2009)?
A.SMC firmware must always match on both boards.
B.Three internal buttons must be pressed in order to reset both SMCs.
C.It is required to remove the memory riser card in order to reset the SMC.
D.Processor trays are interchangeable between similar Mac Pro (Early 2009) units.
Answer: A

10.The LED on a MacBook (13-inch Late 2009) MagSafe power adapter does not illuminate at all when it is plugged into the MacBook and you know the adapter is connected to a known good power source.What is the most likely cause of this symptom?
A.The MacBook has a faulty backup battery.
B.The MagSafe adapter needs to be reset first.
C.The MacBook has a faulty magnetic sleep sensor.
D.A MagSafe adapter connector pin is stuck down or dirty.
Answer: D


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